Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Long Way Gone: Fishbowl #2

Afternoon!  A few thoughts for today's fishbowl...

I was disappointed by the tone of some of your posts.  Remember that not only are your comments attached to your name, they are also attached to my name and to Arapahoe High School.  This is not a place for aggressive language, and it's certainly not a place for cuss words.  Consider your tone; if people aren't responding to your comments, that reflects on you and should cause you to pause to consider how you might proceed differently so people want to engage in discussion with you.

Because some of you weren't very involved in discussion today, you will lose the opportunity to participate in discussion via the blog.  If this opportunity is important to you, please keep up your end of the bargain.

Happy blogging!

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Long Way Gone: Fishbowl #1

Hey guys!  Excited for a great, post-Thanksgiving discussion of A Long Way Gone.  A few pointers based on observations from our last outer circle discussion:

1. Though I don't give a minimum number of times one has to post to earn credit for discussion, one is insufficient.  Aim for around 5 thoughtful, well-proofread responses.  Most importantly, contribute throughout the discussion's duration.  A few of you are on my radar from our last fishbowl; if your posts (or lack thereof) seem to indicate you've been off task today, you will lose the privilege of blogging and will spend Wednesday's discussion hand-writing your response to the discussion.

2.  Provide the background that inspires your questions.
     Example:  I was saddened by the fact that Sohrab, Soraya, and Amir hadn't cultivated a stronger bond by    the story's end.  Why did Hosseini leave the book on this kind of somber note?
     Non-example:  Why did the book end how it did?

3.  Avoid questions that can only be answered with "yes" and "no".  Often these constructions begin with the words "do" or "does".

4.  In some of your cases, your lack of proofreading hindered my ability and, thereby, I assume your classmates' ability to understand your questions and responses.  Proofread your work. This is a formal writing assignment.

5.  Use the threaded discussion comments to reply to one another's comments and questions directly.

Happy posting!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Last Kite Runner fishbowl

A few things to keep in mind for your last posts:

1.  Respond directly to your classmate's questions through the threaded discussion option OR make evident to whom you're responding by addressing your questions & answers at a particular audience, i.e. "@Fred..."

2.  If your question is to class, begin with "@Class"

3.  Remember, this is a writing assignment for this class.  Capitalize your "Is", proofread your work, etc.

Happy posting!